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Caramel Diary

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Isn't it funny how people change so drastically right before your eyes?
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Today I bring you
Caramel Diary~

Caramel Diary

Story & Art: Megumi Mizusawa
Publisher: Shueisha
Rating: Everyone
Synopsis: (mangaupdates.com) Hana loves the school, caramel and...drawing manga! Her speciality: Drawing romance stories! In real life, her heart beats for the cool Taro, but she's too shy to tell him...unfortunately, Marie, her rival, has decided to steal him!

Art Review: 3/5

A cute style. I'm confused as to what ages everyone are however, they say they're about to finish middle school but the bodies of the girls aside from Marie make them look like they're in first grade or something. The fact that Jiro is attracted to Hana just emphasises to the pedobear joke, and you and I both know I make that joke way too many times in these reviews.

Story Review: I've hit an all new record with shoujo. I was able to spot who she really loves in the first 3 pages. Since this is an entirely uneventful manga I'm not afraid to throw out the spoilers. It's Jiro. Why on earth shoujo has to be so predictable, I'll never know. Aww, poor Hana, you're buying into Marie's rival plans. Predictable. Also, why do the rivals always have to be white? Is there some sort of white superiority complex with the Japanese or something? ...Deja vu, I know I've complained about this before somewhere. -shrugs- Poor Taro, just because he doesn't like the main character doesn't mean you have to call him stupid multiple times. Obviously, the mangaka has an obsession with caramel. Which I will make it clear now, I don't like caramel. I don't like it here, I don't like it there, I don't like it anywhere, Sam I Am. Back to the topic at hand, I'm no caramel fan, but I'm pretty sure Banana Cream flavour and caramel is a disgusting combo. Like tomato cookies, or grape juice and milk. But it goes without saying, to each his own, unless it's necrophilia. Hana's like the Japanese Popeye: Eat caramel, do a sailor moon transformation of some sort. Hm, by the structure I know this is a shoujo manga, since when do shoujos get to make a reference to Bizarro? ....Bizzare indeed (someone please shoot me.) Jiro's obviously not that familiar with the structure of shoujo, after stealing her first kiss I don't think you should tell her that you did it because her face was just conveniently close to yours. It's like kicking someone in the ass, and then when the person angrily asks why you did it you just tell them that they were standing close enough for it. Yumiko, Hana's friend, is kinda dirty for a little girl. The whole manga, over the topic of Jiro she starts fantasising about him with his tie loose and his shirt undone with messy hair. You're only in middle school, shame on you. What's with this character Marie? Walking up to Hana out of nowhere saying "I'll accept your challenge" This isn't Pokemon where you'd walk past someone's eyes and they challenge you. Quit being so self centred (though if she did follow through with that request this wouldn't be much of a shoujo anymore, would it? ZING) I can't follow her logic, either. Drawing better manga = hotter and better girlfriend. Laws of reality state that's actually inversely related. Laws of manga state that's completely logical. Marie is frustrated and doesn't know why she's running out of ideas for her manga. Well, that's because even though you are aesthetically better in every single way, your personality sucks and therefore the underdog will always beat you. Wait a minute, the currency is Euros in this manga? I thought they were in Japan. That would explain all the white people in this manga (racist) but that still doesn't explain much. You know, the second time around they make the joke about Hana daydreaming during class makes me think of myself, her teacher must not have a lot of people who like him because he blushes like a school girl when she murmurs that she loves Taro and mistakes it as a confession to him. Marie is a terrible actor, you know. Scream for help in the haunted house, punch what is making you scream in the face, continue asking for help. And as her evil schemes continue I have the feeling she's not so much evil, as she is like Renge from Ouran High School Host Club. At one point in the manga Hana says "When I saw the empty box of caramels I cried." I know this is a metaphor for you having lost Jiro but you're just making yourself sound like a brat. And towards the end I think to myself, despite Yumiko being weird and creepy she's way more mature than Hana. Ironically enough, she looks even younger than Hana. And sorry, I have to bring this back up once more but how is it that the antagonist is even more stupid than the heroine? Or less normal. It's like a joke that's been told multiple times and isn't funny anymore. Overall, this manga was, once again, stereotypical and boring. I'm hugely under the impression that this manga was for children so I feel somewhat bad ripping on it. -sits for a second- Now I don't. Ciao, now.


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