Saturday, July 2, 2011

Full Moon Wo Sagashite

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Hello hello~
As I promised here is a bigger series that I have lost countless brain cells over the past week
Today I bring you
Full Moon Wo Sagashite~
(Now I can finally put this shit to rest!)

Full Moon Wo Sagashite

Story & Art: Tanemura Arina
Publisher: Shueisha
Rating: 13+
Synopsis: ( Full Moon O Sagashite is a romantic story about an orphan girl, suffering from a deadly throat illness, who sets out on a quest to fulfill a promise she made to become a famous singer. She made this promise to a childhood sweetheart, whom she met in an orphanage, and her drive to stardom is motivated by her wish to be reunited with him. Several shinigami appear to her, and she enlists their help to fulfill her dream.

Art Review: 3/5

The detailing of this manga, I have to admit is pretty good. The hair, at it's less extreme moods (yes, the hair in this manga go through moods.) looks pretty. What does bother me a lot about this art style is that all the girls have eyes that are nearly bigger than their own heads. If they were anywhere near realistic, they would kind of look like this.

Story Review: Now this one's a doozy, as people noticed from my notes. Please bear with me, I just find that this is one of the most retarded and generic manga ever. Like this one. Or this one. And countless more that I don't feel like remembering right now. And I probably just did the most retarded thing on the face of the earth. Honestly. But I will manage, this time. Basically, this manga is about this young girl who gets a malignant tumour in her throat. Her grandmother HATES music and does not allow her to sing. Honestly, I'm not one to root for people that I absolutely hate, but your grandchild has a malignant tumour. You're kind of a bitch if you prevent her from doing what she wants. She's the one dying, not you (although with your age you're probably next.) Fortunately for this dying girl, these shinigami show up, but apparently they give her a 16 year old body (to make this all seem a little less creepy) and a kick start on her musical career before she dies 1 year later. And so, magically they all let her into the business. But it turns out that she's doing this all because she wants to meet some guy, which obviously irritates the shinigami. But they grow onto her. Also, 12 year olds don't know jack shit about love, as you all know. Soon another shinigami by the name of Izumi comes and more complications arise, since Meroko used to know him and Izumi comes and tries to take Mitsuki's soul because he thinks Takuto is incompetent (not straying far from the truth, in my opinion.) But eventually, with some coincidental emotional bonding, he grows to like her as well. But obviously, all of this failing to take her soul gets the big guys pissed off. But that comes back up a little later. We see some side plots, with Takuto being a whore, Ooshige being a whore, flashbacks to when the doctor was in one of those long hair metal bands (at least, that's what it LOOKS like to me.) We also find out that this whole time, Eichi was actually dead, because his plane crashed randomly into the Pacific Ocean, and Mitsuki just failed to accept it, and this whole time she was still madly in love with this dead guy. Jailbait and accepting of pedophiliac feelings. You're on a roll there, Mitsuki. Takuto even takes the time during a couple chapters telling Mitsuki over and over again that he loves her, but to no avail. She's still a wee bit necrophilic. And as FullMoon (Mitsuki's cover name) rises in popularity some angry fan sends her a bomb. Looks like this manga can end with a... *puts on sunglasses* bang. *someone throws a shoe* No but seriously, her manager opens it, and I laughed for the rest of the manga whenever someone opens a package of some sort. But now back to the pissed off bosses. They capture Izumi and give him all his forgotten memories, which make him mad. And then they try to capture Mitsuki and take her soul. But then Meroko and Takuto decide to break into the castle in the underworld or something and try to steal the list and erase her name. I find it amusing that it's so easy as that to prevent someone from dying. Imagine the person writing the list accidentally knocking over some white out all over the paper, or some ink (because they are just that backwards in technology, perhaps.) I wonder what that would mean metaphorically. Speaking of metaphors, none of the ones used in the manga actually make any sense. At one point one of them goes,"A sunny garden, a mirage in the rain, the white shore, the white tetra-pot, the shortcut to the bird's pie.." I are confuse. The death master, for whatever reason, gives Meroko help in screwing up the system, and they rush off to help Mitsuki. While Takuto takes his dandy time to save Mitsuki, they continue having moar flashbacks. And when he does show up, the boss is about to throw the scythe at her and he jumps in front of her and they both die. Until two pages later, when they realise why she's not dead yet, it's because she met the shinigami and they're emotional powers are too great. Once again.. This makes no sense, this is bullshit. As usual these mangas have terrible conclusions, with shit that makes no sense. Apparently Mitsuki gets the surgery but somehow her voice is saved. Takuto, wounded, explodes into a spirit, until somehow, he becomes reincarnated, because apparently his body was just in a coma all this time. He shows up at Mitsuki's new debut concert, we see Eichi fade into the distance, the end. Honestly, a lot of things bother me about this manga. First one being that Mitsuki is a really selfish girl. She's got all these shinigami busting their ass, not collecting her soul, and towards the middle she starts getting angry and moody and suicidal all because she really can't let go of the dead Eichi and they keep claiming that they love her. Another thing is that with all the young female characters all looking alike (Mitsuki, Madoka (Mitsuki's musical rival), Moe (the human that became Meroko), Haruki (Takuto's girlfriend from when he was alive), Fuzuki (Mitsuki's grandmother) ) I can't tell whose flashbacks is whose. It doesn't matter, they are a whole lot of suicidal, emotional little girls, you can't really tell much of a difference between all of them even if you knew their names. Also, Takuto falling in love with Mitsuki. In case everyone forgot, she's 12. And by the end, she's 15. Love? I really doubt it. Also, that's mildly creepy that Takuto keeps forcing himself onto her. In the end, it started generic, it ended generic. This manga is claimed to be heartbreaking, emotional, a tear jerker, a story that can claim everyone's hearts. I mean, SURE it can. If you've lived under a rock for your entire life. I don't recommend reading this manga, it's just another mindless magical shoujo that will make you lose brain cells.



  1. hmm let me guess you must like those really stupid manga that have no story line and are there for you to stare at all day. With anime/manga like this you have to be smart to understand them. you probably read mindless crap so have fun with that

    1. Really?
      I have to be smarter to understand how selfish Mitsuki is, and how brainless some of the other characters of?
      Nana = Mindless crap?
      Don't judge people just because I don't like THIS manga.